Done With All That

[Previously posted on FB, this was written on behalf of all those who, for whatever reason, can’t seem to express it for themselves. Please note that while many are through with many things, the faith isn’t one of them – F.R.]

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Where We’ve Been

For some of you who might be wondering: No, We Did Not Die.

In spite of what you may have heard, or what some may have hoped, we didn’t just disappear.

We didn’t go silently into the night.

We weren’t swept away by flood waters, burned by raging fires, or swallowed whole by the Earth. Read More

The Christ I Believe In

The Jesus Christ I believe in is a man who loved God. I believe he loved his mother and his family, the brotherhood and his fellow man. I believe he encouraged his disciples to do the same. I do not believe Christ encouraged anyone to forsake the love of his own mother or of his own family for his sake, nor do I believe he promoted bigotry or hatred, or advocated anyone to hurt, harm or oppress another in his name. Read More

Against Apathy

One’s faith, like one’s desires/dreams/ambitions, is something personal and intimate. It can’t be induced by guilt, fear or intimidation. Can’t be goaded or prodded into submission. Shouldn’t be bullied or harassed and needn’t conform to anyone else’s ideology. Although it’s communal in many respects (no man is an island), at the end of the day, when all is said and done, a faith is as personal, specific and individual as one’s…thumbprint? Ok, a poor analogy, but you get the picture.

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An Oily Betrayal of Sorts

When news first broke many brethren were curious and excited. It was the first time many major news outlets (or any outside news outlet for that matter) would mention anything regarding the Church and here we were, with notices in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes and USA Today, so the attention and publicity, however obscured, unclear, and downplayed, was nevertheless a source of pride for us. “Yes” we’d say, “We bought a town!” Read More

“Just want to breathe it out…”

[Sorry for the bit of cobwebs and dust on this blog of mine, which is rather fitting actually for the upcoming holiday, wherein much of this ghoulish world puts on costumes pretending to be something they aren’t, and go around asking for treats and handouts, all under the guise of a semi-religious festivity. Or, perhaps I’m mistaken, thinking that’s how one commemorates their birthday?

In any event, I’ll admit I’m not nearly as prolific as some veteran bloggers, nor is my readership nearly as large, but occasionally I’ll receive a heartfelt message from an anonymous reader that speaks of their frustrations and disappointments, and are hoping that someone, anyone, somewhere out there, is listening and can relate, and desperately hoping their message will reach someone, anyone, who can make things better. Let’s all hope.] – F.R.

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