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In my initial post, which was primarily a call to draw attention to the un-Christian response from the Sanggunian and to foster more love into the Church, I did not broach the subject of the Arena, nor did I speak of offerings or mention the name Jun Santos. I also did not hijack statements and claims taken from one source and apply them to someone else entirely, particularly to those expelled ministers, who, it must be emphasized and reiterated, have not advocated that brethren leave the Church nor lose their faith, but instead have admonished them to remain strong during this most difficult time; a point that is most seemingly lost and grossly mutated into suggesting brethren join them when they start their own churches elsewhere. Maybe soon Ka Louie Cayabyab and the others will be accused of cooking dinuguan, celebrating Christmas, and making the sign of the cross in their newfound church. A blatant and obvious smear campaign if you ask me, and quite fitting during this time, as another election year approaches. I don’t know if that is a clever debate tactic or signs of someone shooting wildly in all directions, lumping all criticisms and accusations together in an attempt to create an all inclusive “Enemy.” As recently vehemently extolled by Matt Pareja, “You’re either one with EVM, or you’re not.” Well indeed then, “Hail EVM!” And welcome to fascism at its worst. Any student of history would do well to study the Rise of the Third Reich, who also at one time had their own version of the great “cleansing.” Read More


An Initial Response to Rash Expulsions

[The following was originally posted August 7, 2015 on increflections.wordpress.com, as a comment that was generously and kindly afforded its own post, as well as posted on my own FB page, which for the time being is muted. It was written as a response for the justifications being given for the recent rash expulsions, which, a month later, continues to ring hollow, especially after a labored and ludicrous campaign that now attempts to portray Ka Tenny as a modern day Jezebel, which would be laughable were it not being taken so seriously. Here then, on this site, my initial post]:

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Bro. Jose Ventilacion for taking the time from his extraordinarily hectic schedule in Scenic, South Dakota to address some of the issues that he perceived were causing problems within the Church. While it is true that many detractors of our faith are interested in drawing members to their own congregations, I’m afraid that in this particular situation, that is not the case. No one who has watched or heard these expelled ministers believes they have a hidden agenda to start their own churches, are interested in drawing people away from the Church, are teaching doctrines different from what was originally taught, or desire any member from receiving salvation come the day of judgment. While that may be the perception, (since anyone who is critical of the “Advisory Counsel” is tantamount to hating God and wanting to go directly to Hell), you can rest assured, Bro. Joe, there will be no mass exodus from the Church stemming from the actions of these ministers, which 95% of your post seems to address. Read More

The Visitations

For your edification, the following letter was sent to me:

[On August 16, 2015 at around 5:00 pm, a group of people knocked on the door of the apartment of a former member of the Church of Christ in Southern Midwest. The former member peeked through her window and saw the following people outside her house: Bro. Benefrido Santiago, Bro. Raul Adalla, Bro. Edwin Guingab, Sis Rosell Guingab and 2 to 3 more unidentified people. Yes, you read that right. Bro. Benefrido was in town a few days ago. The same Brother Benefrido implicated and said to have led the group that went to different locales in the Philippines and picked up several ministers against their will.


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Welcome to my page.  This site will primarily serve as an open forum to express one’s feelings, thoughts, opinions, ideas and experiences as pertains to being a member of the Iglesia Ni Cristo, whether positively or negatively.

It is neither affiliated nor endorsed by the INC or any particular faction or group, but will strive to remain a truthful and honest depiction of our current state of affairs.  It may get very opinionated, but that’s one of the beautiful facets of human nature: the ability to have an opinion, and respectfully recognize that not everyone may share it.

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