Regarding persecutions, rejected returnees, and other disheartening acts: A SoCal Update

[The following letter was sent to me, and it is my continued hope and prayers that those in similar circumstances, seeking renewal in their faiths, will not lose heart despite the lack of love and compassion from those supposedly entrusted to care for the flock.]

Socal Updates
Starring: Alex Reyes
Jojo Jamias

Extras: Ed Javier
Rommel San Pedro

The one thing I’m thankful for, about my local here in Long Beach, CA is that the seats are comfortable. I sit and listen to Alex Reyes preach, mostly now with my ear plugs, and this is to do everyone a huge favor. Otherwise, I’d be projectile vomiting every time he says not to use our emotions when it comes to our spiritual decisions but to use our faith and rely solely on it. Long before he came here, I noticed the slow but sure departure of the Church from its former ways. Alex Reyes came and expedited the process in an unprecedented speed. He’s almost caught up with the notorious and dishonorable Ed Javier from Southern Midwest whose record on spiritual butchery includes not only many brethren but at least a dozen ministers and the family of Ka Erdy. Read More


The Lobotomized Worshippers

Proverbs 15:14 (NIV): “The discerning heart seeks knowledge, but the mouth of a fool feeds on folly.” 

While I understand and appreciate the sentiment being conveyed with the “I Am One with EVM” campaign currently being brandished on social media, large scale banners, posters and T-shirts (showing solidarity with our church administration and beloved Executive Minister), I am not entirely convinced the slogan is doing the Church any particular favors, especially regarding missionary work and public perception. Anyone who has actively participated in missionary work in the field, at the grassroots level, out and about (not from the relative safety and distance of computer screens and other media), but through actual conversations with non-member relatives, families, and other Christians long acquainted with the INC, will understand and recognize that one of the biggest hurdles and reservations they have regarding the Church has been their mistaken belief that we are not in fact a church, but instead a cult; a Filipino cult headed by Manalo. Hence the strong emphasis we’ve always placed, since the very beginning, on the Christian values we uphold, our true Christian beliefs and practices, adherence to the true Christian doctrines, and our Christian way of living. Read More