Everyday, every second, in every corner of the world, man is confronted with options and decisions, choices they have to make, whether substantial or minor, from what one should eat for lunch to whom they should marry to how to earn their living and how to spend their time and money. And consequently a person has to abide by the outcomes of their decisions, be it beneficial or otherwise. Is the right lane moving faster? The green shirt or the black shirt? What should my college major be? Everything is a decision. Everything is a choice. You make your bed and you lay in it. There’s no one else to blame. If you’re fortunate, like some of us are in this early era of the 21st century in industrialized and civil nations, you’ll live in a place with abundant options where people have the personal freedoms to choose how to live their lives, and not have it dictated to them by an oppressive state. [Schindler’s List, Steven Spielberg’s 1993 award-winning depiction of the horrors of the Holocaust is a fine cinematic example of lives without such privilege and essential viewing for enlightened masses.] Read More