Keeping Up Appearances

Behind closed doors. Under the table. Behind the scenes.
Cover ups and falsehoods.

It’s all SURFACE. It’s all about appearances, superficial, fake and plastic. Smoke and mirrors, like the building of walls, staged photos, and human barricades. Who or what were the OWE members in Fremont, CA trying to “protect” or more accurately, deceive? Someone’s fragile ego? Perhaps their own delicate and tenuous faith, which would probably fissure and crumble, if it confronted the truth head on, so it’s better to delude oneself and others into believing a pretend existence, where people can disappear, behind white sheets. **Poof** they’re gone. It’s Magic. Read More


Quantity over Quality

I’ve easily attended over fifty baptisms in my lifetime. There’s one every month, and I like to attend since it’s usually a pleasant way to spend a Saturday morning and gives me the opportunity to reflect upon my own baptism many years ago and what it meant for me, as well as being a good opportunity to greet and welcome new members. Plus, I also like to hear the baptismal hymn, which has a nice melody to it. Read More