Marriage or Mirage

Can you feel it?  Do you sense it?

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A Modern Day Ark?

There have been comparisons of the Church resembling the ancient, historical boat, wherein only those aboard survived the great flood.  While it might seem quaint to call the INC a modern day Noah’s Ark, in its present actions and character, it more closely resembles a modern day TITANIC.

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Blood Thinners

Just obey, they say. Obedience is all that is needed, they claim. Obedience to hatred, bigotry, and ignorance. Obedience to abusive, oppressive behaviors, financing frivolous lawsuits and harassment. Obedience to fraudulence, deceit, and a pretend faith. Obedience to bribes, political machinations, and financial incompetence. Obedience to idolatry, despotism and corruption. Obedience to “spiritual leaders” who themselves aren’t obedient to the laws of God. Just obey lest you be damned, they warn. Read More