Kings and Queens of Denial

Perhaps you consider them responsible for your source of livelihood, your sole source of “income.”  Maybe you’re “employed” by one of its vast networked operations and receive some form of monetary compensation.  You believe it’s what puts food on the table and you wouldn’t want to bite the proverbial hand that feeds you so to speak…

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101 Damnations; Or, Some Thoughts on my Imminent Expulsion


I say imminent, because others have been expelled, or excommunicated (to use that term), for reasons infinitely less substantial than writing this highly inconsequential, yet critical blog (liking a FB post for example, watching Dolce Amore perhaps, or being born from parents who have committed some vague, ill-defined, poorly explained, unspecified, fill-in-the-blank, but apparently “unbecoming of a member” and broadcast-able atrocity), so I see no reason to suspect that I should be treated any less indiscriminately than those unfortunate, or (depending on who you ask) privileged souls.

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