“Simple yet Tricky”: The Psychology of an INC Minister

The following “dialogue” is a combined conversation thread taken from FB, between myself and a current INC Minister by the name of Victor S. Perez.  In it we discuss potential problems within the Church, possible responses, as well as honesty and objectivity.  It is my hope that through this discourse, one may get a sense for the psychology, character, and logical reasoning of an INC Minister.

Please note: I have not altered nor edited any of the responses.  Aside from inserting a separate post to where it would have appeared, and disregarding the messages pertaining to it, these are the responses as they are originally written online.  Although another minister could give an entirely different set of responses, it can be assumed that his views are shared by a great many of them.  More than a few times, did I advise him to seek counsel, so that his answers would receive “the green light.”        Read More