“Just want to breathe it out…”

[Sorry for the bit of cobwebs and dust on this blog of mine, which is rather fitting actually for the upcoming holiday, wherein much of this ghoulish world puts on costumes pretending to be something they aren’t, and go around asking for treats and handouts, all under the guise of a semi-religious festivity. Or, perhaps I’m mistaken, thinking that’s how one commemorates their birthday?

In any event, I’ll admit I’m not nearly as prolific as some veteran bloggers, nor is my readership nearly as large, but occasionally I’ll receive a heartfelt message from an anonymous reader that speaks of their frustrations and disappointments, and are hoping that someone, anyone, somewhere out there, is listening and can relate, and desperately hoping their message will reach someone, anyone, who can make things better. Let’s all hope.] – F.R.

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