Thoughts on “Aid” and A Zambian Tragedy

In rereading many of the posts and comments on blogsites and social media prior to the worldwide offering for African “aid” in February, you’ll notice a very prescient quality to many of them, as if they could sense that things were amiss, that things were NOT in accordance to scripture and that things could go horribly devastatingly wrong.

Now if only someone, anyone, would have read what was being posted and gave pause, reflection and examination to how things were being operated and perhaps suggested alternatives and corrections, maybe, just maybe those eight lives would still be around for their families.

Instead of instructing brethren to ignore the posts, concerns and criticisms, and expelling them how about responding to what’s actually being said, since WHO ELSE but Defenders(!) are trying to keep this morally-bankrupt train from derailing entirely off the tracks, while the conductor and his valets are too distracted harassing others, living lavishly, or too preoccupied with promoting their sanitized image, or being overly dramatic about inclement weather and the polar vortex or other such nonsense.

Before the tragedy

From FB, my take on the series of unfortunate, yet preventable, events:

· February 16 at 12:30am
Championing your charity only cheapens the church. No one is against aid, or handouts, or helping others but why turn it into a shameless spectacle?


Why exploit the suffering of others to fundraise for your own questionable operations? If it’s not Lakota Indians, it’s African nations. Can people trust their funds with an organization that has massive debts? If you truly care about the suffering of others, why not encourage the brethren to donate directly to already established non-profit charitable groups that are better equipped and better capable of helping those in need? Why play middleman?


Can we expect to see INCmedia and INCgiving to start making commercials like this, although I don’t doubt the sincerity of Ms. Struthers.


If you’ve had the misfortune of already watching one of their promotional infomercials, documenting their “humanitarian” efforts in Africa, you might find it a very curious mix of pathos and pride. I wouldn’t recommend wasting your time doing so, unless you’re a glutton for punishment and don’t mind watching extremely manipulative and exploitive media, but if you do, ask yourself some questions. Is trumpeting your charity with documented footage pleasing to God?


If you give out a goody bag in the middle of the forest and there’s no camera there to witness it, did it even happen? Do you need a photo to show God proof of your “generosity”? I wouldn’t bother citing any Biblical verse suggesting otherwise, since the admin is operating on some other wavelength, above and beyond the most basic of Christian virtues, with an entirely illogical justification system that is infuriating and frustrating to try and decipher. So it’s best to just play along, less you give yourself migraines.


In the first segment of one such video, they show living conditions that are impoverished and deplorable by most industrialized world standards, with no infrastructure or electricity, or any of the modern conveniences much of the world might enjoy, so there is genuine concern for their welfare. In the following segment, however, is footage from a festival of sorts, with a stage and giant screens, and musical “entertainment” that hardly seems like a “solution” to their problems, but an opportunity for the INC to throw a self-congratulatory celebratory shindig. The INC’s own version of an African Coachella? Huh? Am I missing something?


Is that the purpose? To make a spectacle of giving away goody bags?


If eco-farming, or sweat shops, or whatever self-sustaining industry is happening, why not document that? Take a close and penetrating look at where the money is going and who is benefitting. Is there some form of manufacturing happening to help sustain their needs, or is it a profiteering venture?


Why focus on slums? The slums of Africa, India, Brazil, and Mexico? Is it secretly an ambition of the admin to become SLUMLORD millionaires?


So many questions, so little answers…


Isn’t it contradictory and hypocritical, to encourage brethren to NOT use their emotions in regards to others, yet in your extortion to procure “humanitarian” funds, prey on the brethren’s every emotion? They claim one thing, and do something else entirely. It’s all lip service.

The Aftermath


You have no one else to blame but yourself.

If you thought your “aid” was going to help African nations, you are sadly and shamefully mistaken. It wasn’t aid they brought, but aches. Hurt, not help.

To those who gave blindly, who have deceived themselves into believing that their “offering” glorifies God (don’t kid yourself), and have ABANDONED their CONSCIENCE in the offering box, you should be ASHAMED. Your support has only ENABLED and EMBOLDENED them to continue in their Godless and gaudy endeavors.

They are not interested in following the Bible, but only in the Guinness Book of Records.

Enough with the sanctimonious showmanship. Who else has to DIE before the brethren say ENOUGH is ENOUGH?! Have courage, Christians.
Stop turning the church into an atrocious 3-ring circus with NO REGARD FOR HUMAN LIFE.

If you want to missionize, fine, missionize. Be HONEST, let God call. If you want to give “help,” fine, give help, but for crying out loud, don’t cheapen the faith with a BLOODY BAIT AND SWITCH!

Those 8 people didn’t deserve to die because the church prioritized prideful, theatrical giving, over pious graceful and genuine generosity.

Please the Messiah, not the Media!

Look where your fraudulent “good” intentions has gotten you?! 8 innocent lives have died over a God-forsaken goodie bag, all because you’ve elected to glorify yourselves rather than God!

This is dark times for the INC.

What a headline, “Zambia Stampede blamed on extreme hunger”.

Further proof why eaglenews will not win any journalistic rewards by a reputable and impartial award agency anytime soon. No hard-hitting journalistic INTEGRITY coming from that COMPROMISED bunch.

No, “extreme hunger” is not to blame for the stampede, nor is it extreme “poverty”. Whoever shares that opinion isn’t doing Zambia, or its people any favors. Those deaths deserve better.

It’s the HYSTERIA perpetrated by RECKLESS and DISORGANIZED promotion and management. It’s NEGLIGENCE and disregard for those in attendance. Poorly handled, poorly managed, and poorly executed. And if laws were not being followed, then CRIMINAL too.

If you yell, “BOMB!” in a crowded theater and someone gets trampled to death, the headline shouldn’t read “Stampede blamed on Panicked Nerves”. Take some responsibility. Don’t pass the blame. It’s your BOSSES who approve of this “activity” and the nature in which it is being handled and promoted.

And if you claim this is some freak occurrence, because your previous “charitable giving” have been so “successful” then ask yourself, what changed? What is God trying to tell you?

But that is if you even still believe in God and in what the Bible says, most especially about giving charity, and loving moms, and family values, and honesty and integrity, loving others, and all the other Christian virtues and instructions this administration seems to overlook in its misguided quest to make it into the record books. What a shame.

Eaglenews: the news that flatters.


The trite statement from the Church regarding the deaths in Zambia couldn’t be more remorseless and cold, like some obligatory nuisance that must be offered for courtesy sake, less you appear completely dastardly. A pandering for the mourners.

No apology. No regret. Not the slightest acknowledgment that they are responsible, but a shameless implication that the present conditions of the country is to be blame. How INSULTING and how COWARDLY.

Of what use is it to say your “hearts go out” when it is already blackened and devoid of any genuine feeling. It is easy to give your hearts when you don’t have any, like empty Valentines filled not with chocolate, but choked rats and decay.

Keep your hearts, I say. They won’t bring back the lives lost that day. Some of whom I suspect were mothers hoping to come home with free food. NOT because they were starving and NOT because they were desperate, but because they, like anyone else in this world, like to receive “free” things. Can they be blamed?

When Walmart or other stores offer “exclusive” giveaways and free TVs, will they blame the attendees for the frenzy that results? Will they say they have a “clearer picture” of the greed that pervades middle class America?

NO, they won’t.

That’s a cop out.

That EVENT and those deaths would not have happened had YOU not poorly planned, promoted and ILLEGALLY, executed it. Those eight people would still be ALIVE had it not been for the chaos and frenzy YOU yourselves CREATED.

As charlatans, you came to Zambia to help…YOURSELVES.

Don’t claim you came there as Christians. CHRISTIANS DON’T DO THAT. Christians give, they don’t make a SHOW of it. It’s not INCGiving, it’s INCGrieving. Grieving the Holy Spirit, because you no longer know what’s right and wrong, what’s good or bad, what’s proper and what’s not.

If someone is genuinely hungry, do you advertise an event? Do you promote your propaganda before giving a “starving” person food? Do you direct them to travel to a venue that was poorly organized?

Instead, how about DELIVERING the food directly to those who are genuinely hungry? How about working with those organizations better equipped and logistically capable of actually HELPING those in need? A MARKETING group is not who you partner with if you’re TRULY concerned about hunger.

But then you wouldn’t have your photo opportunity of passing out goodie bags to share on your Social Media Roundup, and that would be a shame huh? There’s no glory in that, huh?

So instead, eight people had to die because the INC chooses glory to man over glory to God. What a disheartening shame.

So the members who pretend all is well, everything is fine, life goes on has no one to blame but themselves, because no one had the gumption to say, “wait a minute, I don’t agree with what this administration is doing.”

Those eight lives deserve better.



  1. Antonio Dela Cruz · March 22, 2017

    Very well-explained, brother. I don’t need to add anything to this. Your entire explanation about the Zambia tragedy is the very reason I didn’t participate in the Lingap offerings (and never I did).

    At least I can say that I did not let myself become an instrument of death, unlike those who are aware, but chose to turn a blind eye.

    For those who are blind, and aware but chose to be blind anyway: keep on giving offerings, especially the Lingap ones. Just hope that you won’t become an accessory to another tragedy once again.


  2. Joseph Jean Mercier · March 22, 2017

    I read some comments on Access The Truth page on Facebook, and one really stuck out to me. One brother made the comment that it is not the Church’s responsibility to protect the people of Zambia, it is the government’s job to do that; so they should unban the Church (paraphrasing). How do they not realize that protecting the people of Zambia is exactly what the government is doing? They had rules in place for gatherings such as this, permits and staffing requirements to make sure there are no problems; rules not followed by the Church. Now the government is doing the other thing it is intended to do, it is investigating who is at fault so those who are responsible can be brought to justice.

    We are told so often that if God is with us, who can stand against us? Right now the government of Zambia is standing against us. They may some day decide to remove that ban, but right now they are standing strong and stopping our brethren there from worshiping our Almighty God. It is of course a rhetorical question, for nobody can stand against us if God is with us. There is only one logical conclusion to make then.


    • Antonio Dela Cruz · March 22, 2017

      This is the problem of too much EVM asskissing, they have forgotten to think logically just to protect their god.

      Take a look for instance. If you could remember the ULTRA stampede happened back then. Who did the people blame after that incident? Was it the ULTRA staff because they failed to protect the people? Or maybe the police and the local government because they failed to warn the people about the possible dangers of forcing themselves into a large crowd desperately waiting to win big prizes? Or was it ABS-CBN because they were the organizers of the event through Wowowee?


  3. bibliko · March 22, 2017

    Hindi na nila Tinutupad o talagang Pinalimot na sa kanila ng Dios at Cristo ang sinabi ng P.Jesus na ang GINAGAWA ng Kanang Kamay mo ay huwag mong IPAALAM sa Kaliwang Kamay mo!Anomang Kabutihan na gagawin mo HINDI MO DAPAT IPAGSABI o ISIGAW sa buong Mundo.Huwag mong Buhatin ang Sarili mong bangko at sabi rin sa Kawikaan Bayaan mong Purihin ka ng IBANG Bibig,HUWAG ng SARILI mong Labi.Kaya alam natin na Bukas ang mga Isip na lahat ng Ginagawa NILA(EVM n COMPANIES) panay Kapaimbabawan sa paningin ng Dios at Cristo sapagkat sa LIKOD ng mga KAWANGGAWA NILA,naroon talaga ang MOTIBO na MAGNEGOSYO para Lalong MAGKAMAL ng SALAPI na ang PUHUNAN ay MULA sa mga ABULOY at HANDOG ng mga kapatid na patuloy na GINAGAWA ang mga ito sa PANINIWALA na ito ay NAIHAHANDOG nila sa DIOS ngunit NINANAKAW NILA na TULAD ni JUDAS ISCARIOTE na NAGNANAKAW sa SUPOT noon dahil siya ang TRESURERO at may hawak ng abuloy .Wala na silang budhi,ang nasa isip na lang nila ngayon ay kung PAANO pa SILA Magkakamal ng MILYONG-MILYON Salapi!Parang si Faraon na PINATIGAS na ng DIOS ang Kanilang mga BUDHI upang sila’y MANGAHATULAN.Kaibayong-kaibayo talaga sila ng ISIPAN ng ULO ng IGLESIA.Pareho na sila ng ISIPAN ng KAAWAY ng DIOS at CRISTO,ang DIABLO o si SATANAS mga Satan Task Force talaga sila!


  4. bibliko · March 22, 2017

    Natupad din ang sinabi ni Apostol Pablo sa kanila na:ang SALAPI ang UGAT ng LAHAT ng KASAMAAN.Natupad ito sapgkat Iniibig na nila ang salpi kaysa DIOS at ALIPIN na sila ng Kayamanan.Hindi na sila ALIPIN ng DIOS.Tama ang Cristo,MAMIMILI ka sa DALAWANG PANGINOON”DIOS o KAYAMANAN”? Wika ng Cristo HINDI kayo Puedeng MAGLINGKOD sa 2 Panginoon.Mamimili ka,DIOS o Kayamanan.Nakikita natin ngayon kung sino ang PINILI nila,Ginagamit na lang NILA ang Pangalan ng Dios,lalo na ang Pangalang IGLESIA NI CRISTO para Magpayaman sa Abuloy ng mga Cristiano.


  5. Miko · March 22, 2017

    Great article. I just shared it. I’m no longer afraid of backlash from those who refuse to see or accept the truth.


  6. nancy · March 23, 2017

    This church will continue to promote this aid to humanity as a tool for profit and as long as there will be people willing to get some goodies, in their distorted mind they will always come plus a potential recruit for membership all good for the coffers. In the Philippines, the church was “alleged” tap by the government to help in the fight for its drug problem by establishing some drug rehab centers for those drug addicts. Another money making ventures for the church for sure. Do you see a pattern here? Just follow the money.


  7. Bible Bot · April 7, 2017

    Just for your info on the debate on Apr 21….. SD Apologetics will be live streaming on YouTube (or at least recording it). this was a debate between James White and Greg Stafford (former Jehovah’s Witness) – similar topic as Joe V. even these guys are psyching up for the debate (this came from Rauffenburg’s page).


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